Rae Cosmetics

Rochelle Rae from Rae Cosmetics joined us in the studio on Wednesday to show us simple ways to take a day look to evening.

Wrapping Up Style Week With Co-Star

To celebrate Tribeza Style Week, Pamela Jimenez with Maya* and Co*Star dropped our studio Wednesday to tell us a little about the fashion sh…

The Urge to Serge

A serger can give your sewing projects the perfect finishing touch.

Makeup for your Wedding Day

Lauren Davis stopped by to discuss professional makeup application for your wedding day.

Tribeza Style Week Mapped Out

Whether you are a fashionista, a foodie or fun seeker, there’s something for everyone at Tribeza Style Week.

Sew Much More

Make a Pocket with Sew Much More

You can’t believe how much you can do with just one yard of fabric, and who better to show us than our friends over at Sew Much More! They h…

Kim Overton, Owner of SPIbelt shows various SPIbelts products.

Running with an Idea to Create SPIbelt

Kim Overton took her idea and ran with it to create SPIbelt, a running belt with a pouch that can hold your phone, emergency medical supplie…