School buses. (KXAN Photo)

School bus drivers caught speeding


While many school districts have a black box that records how fast a driver is going, KXAN discovers most districts rarely ever check the da…

Fallen: The story behind the story

We didn’t set out to tell a story about racism, firearms or police shooting other people. Those were already out there. Actually, our story …

Inside the Issue

KXAN dug into the backgrounds of the killers to and discovered a recurring trait among many: mental illness.

How Blue Alerts Work

The idea of Blue Alerts is to notify the public after a shooting has happened where a police officer was killed or hurt in the line of duty.

An officer using the COPSync Network. (KXAN Photo)

COPsync Network

Currently, more than 800 courts and police agencies in 17 states use COPsync. The private company managing the network says basic cost is ab…