This baby bear must have been born to shop -- for the bear essentials. (CNN)

Baby cub born to shop for bear essentials

The cuddly cub wandered from aisle to aisle — until police eventually trapped her in a shopping basket.

It also measured 16 feet tall, 36 feet long and weighed 7 tons. (NBC/KIGAM VIA APTN)

Big-armed ‘goofy and weird’ dinosaur discovered

It had a duckbill on its head and a hump-like sail on its back. Now throw in those killer claws, feathers here and there, and no teeth.

Without thinking twice, the cashier armed herself with the closest thing in her reach: a can of Raid bug spray. (CNN/WJAC)

Clerk fights off would-be robber with bug spray

In Pennsylvania, a convenience store cashier took matters into her own hands when a would-be robber ordered her to hand over cash.