How the sun sees you (Courtesy: Thomas Leveritt YouTube)

See yourself as the sun sees you

An ultraviolet camera can show you not-yet-visible changes to your skin, and check out how the sun sees sunblock.

This baby bear must have been born to shop -- for the bear essentials. (CNN)

Baby cub born to shop for bear essentials

The cuddly cub wandered from aisle to aisle — until police eventually trapped her in a shopping basket.

It also measured 16 feet tall, 36 feet long and weighed 7 tons. (NBC/KIGAM VIA APTN)

Big-armed ‘goofy and weird’ dinosaur discovered

It had a duckbill on its head and a hump-like sail on its back. Now throw in those killer claws, feathers here and there, and no teeth.