Half of Llano Police Dept. including chief placed on paid suspension

FILE - Llano Police Department vehicle (Llano Police Department Facebook Photo)

LLANO, Texas (KXAN) – Four people in the Llano Police Department, including Police Chief Kevin Ratliff, are now on paid suspension, said Llano County District Attorney Sonny McAfee.

The chief and two police officers – Patrol Officer Aimee Shannon and Sergeant Jared Latta — were placed on suspension on Friday as part of an ongoing investigation.

The DA said his office and the Texas Rangers are conducting the investigation. McAfee did not say what they are investigating.

In the meantime, Llano Patrol Officer Kenneth Poe will serve as the Interim Llano Police Chief, Llano City Councilman Craig Bauman confirmed to KXAN.

Llano City Manager Scott Edmonson told KXAN he appointed Poe to fill the post and that a new work schedule has been worked out with the remaining officers. He said that the Llano County Sheriff’s Office had been contacted to provide assistance while the city’s police are short staffed.

LCSO has a mutual aid agreement with Llano Police to back them up on calls if their assistance is needed.

There was already one Llano officer on paid suspension. In November, Llano Officer Grant Harden was placed on paid suspension in a separate investigation after a grand jury issued a six-count indictment.

The three new suspensions are unrelated to that case, the DA said.

There are nine people employed by the Llano Police Department, per its website. One of the nine is an administrative assistant, while the other eight are uniformed.