Lightning blamed for destruction of Harris County home

Harris County home destroyed by lightning (NBC News photo)

COPPERFIELD, Texas (KPRC) –  Lightning is being blamed for an early morning house fire that forced a Texas family from their home Monday.

“One in a million, one in five million. I hit the anti-lottery here,” said homeowner Kevin Masterson. “You could tell it was bad very quickly and we had to get out.”

The fire broke out around 6 a.m. at the Harris County home. Masterson said he was asleep when he heard glass breaking and his home alarm go off. He reset the alarm thinking it was just the rain that triggered the alarm, he said.

Moments later neighbors banged on his door and told him his house was on fire.

“A neighbor banged on my door about a minute or two later and said, ‘You need to get out. Your house is on fire.’ In total disbelief, I went outside and the house was on fire,” Masterson said.

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