Mall brawls break out across the country from Texas to Ohio

150 teens involved in Fort Worth mall brawl (Courtesy: Police)

FORT WORTH, Texas (KXAN) — Police are increasing mall security after several fights broke out in malls across the country Monday night.

A Fort Worth mall went on lock-down Monday night after large scale fights broke out involving groups of young people. Officers responded to calls of shots fired, but there was no evidence anyone had a gun.

At the same time, a fight erupted inside the mall’s food court. As many as 150 teens were involved.


Several fights also broke out at a mall in Connecticut Monday night. Police say 10 teenagers got into fights; even throwing punches at an officer, who wasn’t badly hurt. Several people were taken into custody.


Seven people were also arrested at two Memphis, Tennessee malls. Police say threats were posted on social media regarding a possible shootout at one of them, but nothing was found. Some teens were accused of throwing up gang signs in the mall.


Another fight orchestrated on social media called police to an Ohio mall Monday night. Pepper spray was used to break up the fight at the Cleveland mall, according to the Associated Press.

North Carolina

In North Carolina chaos surrounded a fight involving several teens. Just like the other incidents witnesses thought they heard gunshots, but there was no evidence guns were present or shots were fired. No arrests have been made yet, but police are reviewing security footage.

There is no word on if the fights are connected.