Texas State Strutters to perform at Trump’s Inaugural Parade

SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — The Texas State University dance group has just announced that they will be performing at Donald Trump’s Inaugural Parade on Jan. 20. According to the Texas State Strutters’ Facebook page, they “cannot wait for this once in a lifetime performance opportunity.”

However, the announcement is drawing backlash on social media.

“It’s sickening and unAmerican (sic) to support “its” inauguration in any way, shape or form,” wrote one commenter on Facebook.

On their Instagram account, the majority of the comments are expressing anger that the dance team would agree to do this.

KXAN talked to Strutter alumnus, Kim Murr via Skype from Little Elm, Texas. She says this opportunity is a big accomplishment for the girls.

“I would have loved to have the opportunity to do something like this regardless of who would become president,” said Murr.

Murr strutted her stuff with the group from 1991-1994. She was a Junior Lieutenant and traveled with the Strutters to France and Switzerland for carnival performances. She hopes people swallow their pride and see the pride in a team from San Marcos.

“The Strutters committed to performing in the inauguration back in early part of 2016 before the election was even decided and I think this just goes to show that they honor their commitments and they want to work hard towards that,” Murr said.

During their trip to Washington D.C. they will perform at other events.

Last month, fliers circulated around Texas State campus calling for vigilante squads to tar and feather university leaders “now that [their] man Trump is elected.” The university considered the fliers to be criminal activity. An image of camo-clad men holding guns and an American Flag stand beside the message with “Texas State Vigilantes” written across the bottom.

The same week as the fliers surfaced, Texas State students gathered on campus to protest the election of Donald Trump. “I’m nervous for my friends, I’m nervous that they might be more marginalized than they already are. I’m nervous that all this progress towards civil rights might be stripped away in the coming years,” said Texas State protester Eric Martinez.