Boy’s reaction to being adopted by ‘forever family’ goes viral

PHOENIX, Az. (CNN) – A three-year-old’s joy after being adopted went viral this week when the little boy’s new big sister tweeted a photo of his reaction.

Until two days ago, Michael Brown was a foster child.  On Dec. 20, Tara Montgomery and her three girls officially adopted him after he was in the foster care system for 832 days.

Montgomery says the adoption was meant to be.

“My children’s last name is Brown his was already Brown when he got here so it was again meant to be, Valentine’s baby, his last name was Brown, everyone always says he looks just like the girls,” she said.

Sister Dea Brown is to credit for new little brother Michael’s social media popularity.

“I just tweeted, I was like, we are his forever family, and it just blew up on Twitter,” Dea said.

Montgomery is teaching the world about making a difference.

“I tell my kids if we had a bigger house, I’d have everybody here,” Montgomery said.  “They’re always like, ‘mom we have enough. Mom, how many more are you going to take in?’ It’s fun, it’s exciting. You are helping and I always tell them, because we’ve had other foster kiddos.. and I always tell them after those kiddos leave, you made a difference and a light for that child.

Michael was set to be adopted last month, but the date was postponed to this week due to the high number of adoptions.