Learn More About the Benefits of Doodling

If a blank piece of paper is an invitation for doodling, then you and Amanda would have a lot in common. But what do all those little designs and doodles mean? Carin Channing of Doodle Outreach dropped by the studio to show us that doodling is something we all do without even realizing it. A doodle is defined as a simple, spontaneous creative expression.  It’s a lot of fun to do because EVERYONE can doodle – you don’t need to know how to draw. In talking to Carin she explained that doodling is highly therapeutic and relaxing — and it has to be experienced to really understand. You get to be totally yourself in a doodle, so messy is okay. All feelings are okay; all dreams are okay. In fact, dreaming big is encouraged.

Carin Channing has two books out that help people feel more comfortable doodling:
365 Days of Doodling: Discovering the Joys of Being Creative Every Day and Doodle Book Junior — 101 Creative Prompts for Kids, available on Amazon, at Book People, and at Half Price Books on N. Lamar.

You can meet Carin on Friday, December 23rd from noon to two at Half Price Books at Southpark Meadows– for a book signing. For more information, check out her website.