Austin Zoo Comes to the Rescue

Toni Alberty stopped by with some animal friends and to tell us more about how we can help the Austin Zoo. The Austin Zoo runs on donations so every dollar helps. We got to meet Jax the Hedgehog and Scotty the Ferret and hear their unique stories. Jax was a family pet that was donated to to the zoo, and Scotty was abandoned on a front porch. Both animals were not wanted by families and the Austin Zoo rescued them by opening their doors and arms. The zoo is loved by many from all over because it’s a rescue zoo.There is also some monkey business going on. Some monkeys have turned into Picasso and their work of art can be purchased and shipped to you. Another fun way do get involved with the zoo is on December 26th from 1:30 to 2:30 P.M. the Austin Zoo will be celebrating two lion’s birthdays.

The Austin Zoo is located on Rawhide Trail. Go to for more information or call 512-288-1490.