Austinites help raise enough money for Tiny Tim’s rare surgery

APA seeking donations to help Tiny Tim (Courtesy: APA)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin Pet’s Alive put out a plea for Austinites to give from their hearts this holiday season to help a puppy in need of a rare surgery. Now 7-month-old Tiny Tim has enough money to cover the surgery to correct his deformed hind legs so he can walk normally.

The puppy spent most of his life in a tiny crate by his previous owners; causing his knee caps to grow on the side of his legs. The cost of the ground-breaking new surgery is $2,000 and has officially been scheduled for Jan. 6.

“For the majority of his puppyhood, Tiny Tim was kept in a small crate that did not allow his hind legs to grow normally,” said Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director of APA! “His knee caps are on the side of his legs as a result of staying in a bent position for too long. The femur bones have literally grown past the knee caps so he can no longer extend his hind legs or walk normally.”

Austin Pet’s Alive says there was an “outpouring of support for this wonderful dog.” They also have enough money to cover any medical complications that may arise during the surgery.