Top 5 videos on this week

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Our viewers paid special attention to news that Google Fiber is using a faster method to install its lines in South Austin. “The goal here is to make it an experience that folks find to be a day or two out of their life and we’re gone,” the man in charge of network deployment and operations for the company told us. The news came after years of complaints of torn up yards and even flooding from installations. Viewers are still watching video of condom bags hanging from trees at a North Austin park, left in an effort to encourage safe sex. The bags were later removed after the parks department said they considered it to be littering. These are the top 5 videos on this week:

5. Man trapped in truck for 7 hours, rescued by Leander ISD bus driver

4. Fight breaks out between customers at the checkout line 

3. Trees at Austin park decked with condoms

2. U-Haul driver arrested for alleged hit-and-run on I-35 

1. Google Fiber using faster method to install South Austin lines