Water in Corpus Christi contaminated, state sends response

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (KXAN) — A water contamination situation is unfolding in Corpus Christi as officials are investigating how chemicals seeped into the city’s water supply. Initial reports from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality indicate that a backflow incident from an industrial chemical tank occurred that may have released Indoline and Hydrochloric Acid into the water system.

People are being told not to use their tap water at all while they are under a “Discontinue Tap Water” notice. This means no drinking, cooking or even showering with the water. The city says that even boiling, freezing, or filtering, the water will not make it safe.

The city got word late Wednesday night of a “back-flow” incident. Corpus Christi officials say they checked with the CDC and learned that the chemical is not poisonous, but it can cause stomach discomfort.

Stores say they are running out of bottled water and waiting for emergency shipments.

The Department of Public Safety’s State Operations Center in Austin has elevated its activation level to Level III. The Texas Emergency Management Council is shipping drinking water to Corpus Christi as well as supporting efforts to place water distribution pods in the impacted areas.

The Governor’s Office says they will continue to provide any and all support to the various agencies working to help the residents in Corpus Christi.

KristiTV is reporting that the following cities are not impacted by the “Discontinue Tap Water” notice:

  • Banquete
  • Agua Dulce
  • Bishop
  • Kingsville
  • Driscoll
  • Nueces subdivisions
  • Ricardo Water Supply
  • Port Aransas