Be the Light That Brightens the Holidays for Local Seniors

Family Eldercare
Family Eldercare

As Family Eldercare celebrates its 35th Anniversary serving seniors and adults with disabilities, it needs your support to brighten the Holidays. In 2017, Family Eldercare will have proudly served Travis and Williamson counties for 35 years, but as a community lead mission, they need your help to support seniors for the Holidays and kick-start another great 35 years of serving the Greater Austin Area. “My time on this earth is short, so all I want for Christmas is an iPod filled with my favorite music and what my mother used to play as I was growing up.” This was the request relayed to his Family Eldercare guardian by a man who used to stand strong, but at the end of his life, resided in a hospital bed, being served by hospice care. Sponsored by a generous supporter from the local community, James passed away peacefully in that same hospital bed, three weeks later, listening to the music so thoughtfully put on that iPod.

James couldn’t quite be called a senior in his mid-50’s, but found himself alone at the end of life. He suffered from a disability that forced him to have a court-appointed guardian, and Family Eldercare gracefully stepped in. James’ guardian tenaciously advocated for him during his last few years, ensuring that he was able to remain comfortable until his last hours had passed. Family Eldercare stepped forward to be with James when he literally had nobody. In 2015, Adult-Protective Services verified 4,844 cases of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of older individuals or adults with disabilities in the Greater Austin Area. Family Eldercare steps forward, when others won’t, and has a vision that all seniors and adults with disabilities who desperately need services due to their economic circumstances, thrive with dignity in a supportive community. There is no denying that seniors have a right to age with dignity and respect, free from the fear of abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and for almost 35 years, Family Eldercare has ensured that can be a reality.

Over the last year, Family Eldercare has:

  • Compassionately provided 24,784 hours of companionship, medication reminders, light housekeeping, transportation, and personal caregiving assistance to In Home Care clients .
  • Volunteer Services : Averaged 129 volunteers per month with over 8,000 hours for the year.
  • Served 428 individuals through full Guardianship services.
  • Served 1,300+ individuals through Housing, Service Coordination, Lifetime Connections Without Walls, and In Home Counseling.
  • Had a 98% success rate in maintaining a safe environment and meeting basic needs for 636 Money Management clients, which include Veterans and those who were formally homeless.
  • Helped 8,800 people and distributed 6,261 fans during the Summer Fan Drive .

Help Family Eldercare celebrate 35 years of service and brighten the Holidays for a senior or an adult with disabilities by donating. You can text ‘FEC’ to 80077, call 512-450-0844 or go to for more details.



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