Bastrop High football player still recovering from September concussion

Weston Narro (Family Photo)
Weston Narro (Family Photo)

BASTROP, Texas (KXAN) — It’s been more than two months since the football game that doctors say left a Bastrop High School junior varsity football player with a concussion and possible nerve damage. However, he’s still waiting for the medical care to learn the extent of his injuries sustained during that Sept. 29 game.

“Right when I turned, I took two steps, and then got hit,” said Weston Narro, a sophomore, recalling the play that has left him with a neck brace and walking cane. “I just remember feeling the hit, seeing the lights, and then felt really uncomfortable.”

Later, he said, “I couldn’t move my body. I was stiff.” The 16-year-old’s father watched from the stands. “I looked and he was just laying on the field and he wasn’t moving,” said Albert Narro, fighting back tears. “It seemed like it was at least 10 minutes before you know, he actually moved and was talking.”

Narro was walked off the field. “I told them I couldn’t feel my legs and I just felt pain in my mid-back and my neck,” he continued. Later, Weston’s father drove him to the hospital.

“[Doctors] were adamant that it was for sure that, yes, he’s had a concussion and possibly some nerve damage in his neck,” explained Albert.

Weston Narro is a sophomore on the Bastrop High School Junior Varsity football team. (Family Photo)
Weston Narro is a sophomore on the Bastrop High School Junior Varsity football team. (Family Photo)

The family has struggled to get adequate medical care because of several delays and back-and-forth issues with insurance and payment. They say they are still waiting to get seen for an MRI.

“I couldn’t afford a $2,500 MRI. Hardly anybody can,” his father said. He says they understand the urgency of Weston’s medical problems. “If there is something wrong with Weston’s neck, or his nervous system, we have to find out. We can’t wait.”

Weston’s diagnosis, his parents said, couldn’t come at a worse time. His father says the holidays may mean they have to put some things “on hold.”

The sophomore football player says he’s so passionate about the game, he wants to return to the field, if it’s possible. “I always wanted to play football when I was younger,” said Narro. “I love playing and watching football, and I would love to play again.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up for anyone looking to donate to the Narro family, as they continue dealing with Weston’s medical costs.

KXAN reached out to Bastrop Independent School District to learn how it handles student athlete injuries and insurance. We were told the schools’ insurance covers students in athletics if something happens during a practice, game or an athletics class. The district pays the premiums for all student athletes to be covered.

Representatives of Bastrop ISD also said the insurance is supplemental. We’re told if a student’s private insurance is maxed out and their supplemental insurance had maxed up to $25,000 as well, then the catastrophic plan kicks in. We’re told the need for this level of coverage in Bastrop ISD is incredibly rare.

Parents of students who are not athletes also have the opportunity to opt in to the supplemental insurance plan, if desired.

Like any insurance, things are also based on wherever parents decide to take their child to be treated.