AISD report cards go digital, giving parents faster access

FILE AISD's Bowie High School (KXAN Photo/Tom Rapp)
FILE - AISD's Bowie High School (KXAN Photo/Tom Rapp)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — All high school students in Austin ISD will start getting their report cards digitally, giving families faster access starting this month.

Of the around 23,000 secondary students in the district, more than 9,000 are already opting for emailed report cards, getting their grades four to five days faster.

The annual cost to print and mail progress and report cards to all high school students is $168,000, the district said. Since close to half of students already get their grades emailed, some of the savings have already been realized. AISD expects to see about $100,000 more in savings with the complete push to digital.

Progress reports will also be sent digitally, giving students more time to improve their grades before their next report card. The idea came to AISD last year from the technology department, which was looking at ways to speed up report card delivery.

A trial at Bowie High School proved successful, with parents giving positive feedback. Parents without an email address will still receive a printed copy of the reports via mail and elementary school students will still receive printed report cards.

AISD is the largest school district in central Texas, serving more than 83,000 students at 130 schools.