Lamps and Fragrances for the Holidays

With a variety of styles and scents, Lampe Berger can bring a delicious feeling to your home, and it could make a great gift too. Mahin Barker of Breed and Co. stopped by to share more on the Lampe Berger. Lampe Berger is an air purifier/odor eliminator and fragrance diffuser. Lampe Berger unique patented technology in their burner allows a simultaneous dual action, destroying undesirable smells, while at the same time diffusing delicate indoor fragrances. Lampe Berger is available in 50 scents that are created in France by Master Perfumers. From warm notes, fresh florals, sublime sparkles, exotic scents and enlivening, amber tones, Lampe Berger fragrance range allows you to create your own atmosphere inspired by nature. Yes, we offer an unscented option for air purification/odor elimination only. When not in use, Lampe Berger is a beautiful decorative object. There are 100 different styles to choose from, so to match any interior – from the simplest design to more classic or contemporary. Lampe Berger prices start around $30 for our basic models up to $1300 for the most intricately detailed models, which are true collector’s items. We have a number of affordable gift options available for the holidays, which would make great host/hostess gifts.

Occasions to use Lampe Berger

  • Air purification: ½ hour every morning for cleaner air to breathe, people with allergies claim benefits
  • Elimination of undesirable odors from cooking, pets, etc.
  • For fragrance diffusion, it’s great for when you have guests in your home.

How to use a Lampe Berger
Fill the lamp 2/3 full with Lampe Berger fragrance oil. Insert the wick firmly into the lamp pressing down on the metal ring. If the wick is completely dry, let the lamp sit with the cap on for 20 minutes so the wick can soak up the oil. Light the Lampe Berger wick burner. The flame will be large but there is no smoke or soot. After 2 minutes and blow out the flame. Put the vented cap on the lamp. Now the lamp is working and there is no smoke or flame. You know it’s working if you feel a little heat coming off the top of the lamp and you can smell the fragrance in the air. After 20 minutes carefully remove the vented cap (it can get hot) and put the solid cap on to stop the lamp. The fragrance will continue to linger for a few more hours. Depending on your personal preference, you may want to let the lamp operate for longer than 20 minutes.

Lampe Berger is distributed in 56 countries, in over 7,000 stores around the world. To find a local independent retailer, go to



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