Terrific Table Setting Tips

We love the way Raven and Lily has helped us bring a sparkle to our look with their great jewelry, but today they bring pizzazz to our home space. Kirsten Dickerson dropped by with more on making texture and color part of the scheme. The easiest way to draw attention to table setting design is to use items with a story. Something from your travelers, a homemade item or a piece of art from a local artist will get people talking. Modern minimalism is another tip Kirsten gave us. Start with a neutral palette and then add your unique elements. The table is about conversation after all! Flowers are also another way to liven up the table. Use seasonal flowers like bright red arrangements for Christmas. Adding something to the table that guests can take home will make your dinner party memorable. Something like a decorative bell could double as both a napkin holder and a tree ornament for your guests once they take it home. Raven and Lily has two Austin locations. You can pop in and see them at the Domain Northside, or in East Austin. Go to ravenandlily.com for more information and to shop online.