Benefits of Sleep


As a terrible insomniac, Amanda knows all too well the difference a bad night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep can make. Dr. Leigh Romero of WellMed joined us in the studio to explain the benefits of catching more sleep.

About WellMed
Founded in 1990, the vision of the physician-led company is to change the face of healthcare delivery for seniors. WellMed is a group of more than 10,748 staff and contracted physicians delivering quality health care to people eligible for Medicare. Through the WellMed Care Model, they specialize in helping patients stay healthy by providing the care they need from doctors who care about them. WellMed partners with multiple Medicare Advantage health plans in Texas and look forward to continuing their growth. To find a WellMed location or physician near you, call 888-781-WELL (9355) or go to



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