Texas players show support for Coach Strong

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The expectations in this program in the country are as high as any program in the country. Amidst speculation and reports that Texas Coach Charlie Strong would be fired following the 2016 season, more than 30 players showed up in support of Strong at his briefing on Monday and put the pressure on themselves.

“It’s not really a surprise to see my teammates over there just showing their support,” senior receiver Jacorey Warrick said.

From the kick in Kansas, the pressure came flooding in. Strong bearing the brunt that’s trickling down to the team.

“For him to just be so humble and level-headed with all of the stuff he goes through that’s empower to a young man like me but at the end of the day it still falls on the players,” senior defensive tackle Paul Boyette said.

Boyette’s support echoed the team’s support and it spoke louder than ever before, but so does the noise. Players are expected to play a game in four days with a decision looming.

“It’s causing a distraction from the team just having to deal with all this other nonsense of just whether your coach is going to be here or not, is not fair to us or the coaches,” senior linebacker Tim Cole said.

The Longhorns are 5-6 this season. The record explains the team. This week against TCU may be the Longhorns last shot to show support for their embattled coach.

“[Friday’s game] is going to be passionate. It’s going to be a competitive spirit that’s really what it’s going to have to be. There’s no reason to hold anything back. We ain’t got nothing to lose. Everything to gain,” Boyette said.