Stay healthy and avoid missing school during the flu season

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — With the holidays swiftly approaching, the flu season is upon us which means runny noses and missing school.

Educators are stressing the importance of keeping students healthy so they don’t have to stay home before the holidays and miss school. Of the total number of student absences in Texas, 48 percent are due to illnesses like a cold or the flu.

E3 Alliance found that minimizing illness among students creates a positive trend for school attendance in Central Texas. Students aren’t the only ones losing out over absenteeism; school districts lose money for each day a student isn’t in class. Decreasing absences by just three days per student each year can funnel $34 million back into Central Texas schools.

Tips for parents

With nearly half of all absences related to illness, parents can contribute a great deal to keeping their students in school. The E3 Alliance recommends:

  • Stay Healthy – Make sure everyone in your family gets a flu shot
  • Don’t make others sick – Keep your child home for at least 24 hours if they have a fever of 100 degrees or higher, has vomited more than once, has diarrhea or has flu-like symptoms
  • Appointment times matter – Schedule routine doctor and dental appointment times when they have the least chance of disrupting school

KXAN Educates, in partnership with E3 Alliance, is an initiative designed to provide parents and the community with perspective and resources to improve student progress, learning and achievement across Central Texas.