Dash cam captures moment driver hits pedestrians, drives away

Dash camera video captured by police of driver failing to stop and render aid after hitting two pedestrians (Courtesy: Court documents)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Austin police officer sitting at a red light captured the moment a driver hit two pedestrians and then drove off. The driver, James Arnett, 52, is now facing charges for failure to stop and render aid, driving while intoxicated and possession of marijuana.

Around 9:40 p.m. Nov. 20 a silver Isuzu Rodeo, driven by Arnett, approached the intersection at Red River Street and East 6th Street. According to the officer, as the driver was turning onto Red River he hit two men who had the right of way with a green walk signal.

James Albert Arnett (Austin Police Department)
James Albert Arnett (Austin Police Department)

Realizing his window was rolled down the officer yelled “Police, stop!” The driver pulled into the parking lot near Ester’s Follies, but did not stop. The affidavit states he drove off a few seconds later.

Following after Arnett, the officer was finally able to get him to stop on East 5th Street. Noticing his slurred speech, the officer was going to conduct a sobriety test on Arnett, but he said he has glaucoma and a cyst on his ankle that makes it difficult to stand. He refused to answer police questions about whether or not he had anything to drink.

Police then discovered that Arnett was in possession of marijuana. He is being held at the Travis County Jail on a $62,500 bond for all three charges.

Both of the pedestrians were injured in the crash.

By law, if you are involved in a crash you are required to stop and stay at the scene. If a person was hit the driver is supposed to offer help.