DIY Superhero Costumes for a Cause

It’s your chance to be a superhero for the kids in our area who need it most. Callie Langford dropped by show us a few ways to make our costumes sparkle for the CASA Superhero Run. We started out by making wrist cuffs with a few simple things you might already have at home: a toilet paper roll cut in half, a roll duct tape in any color, a cool detail like a star made from gold or glittery craft paper. We hole punched each side of the cuff and tied it together with a shoe string. Next, we stepped it up by adding wings to our shoes. With fun craft paper, you can cut out and hole punch wing shapes, and lace them on to an old pair of tennis shoes. The CASA Superhero Run is on Sept. 18th, 7-10 a.m. at Domain Central Park. For more information on CASA’s cause and how to register for the big race visit