SXSW: Where the big parties are

Crowds at Rachael Ray's Feedback party during SXSW 2015. (KXAN Photo)
Crowds at Rachael Ray's Feedback party during SXSW 2015. (KXAN Photo)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — As South by Southwest Festival’s footprint continues to grow, the City of Austin is making sure the number of events don’t balloon to an amount it can’t control.

For 2016, the city set a cap on the number permitted events to 120—last year there were 147 events. The deadline for applications was Feb. 5, but the city actually stopped taking applications a few days earlier because it had already reached its cap on Spring Special Event permit applications.

The Special Event permit applications are needed for any Temporary Temporary Use, Temporary Change of Use and 24-hour/96-hour Amplified Music Permits for outdoor temporary events.

One of the big companies that didn’t make the deadline was Samsung, which wanted five permits for its “Samsung Outpost” locations. Austin-based Yeti was hoping to host an event at 220 S. Congress but was denied by the Austin Fire Department. As of Feb. 24, several applications are still pending, one of which is the popular Fader Fort held on East Fifth Street.

Spring Special Event Permit Applications

Official Event Title Venue Name Event Address Event Status Date Received
122 West 5th 122 W 5th Internet Pending 2/1/2016
78 84 Rainey St 78 84 Rainey St Internet Pending 2/3/2016
Ai Day Party 1312 E Cesar Chavez Approved 11/6/2015
AMC Preacher Parking Lot at 4th and Red River 313 Red River St Internet Pending 2/2/2016
Anheuser Busch- Parking Lot Brazos Hall 204 E 4th St Approved 12/29/2015
Artist Xposed Showcase 717 E 7th St Denied 2/1/2016
Artists Village After Dark (AVAD) Neches St between 5th and 6th Pending 12/3/2015
AT&T Audience Network McGarrah Jessee – Starr Building 121W. Sixth St Internet Pending 1/29/2016
ATT Vuka 411 W Monroe St Internet Pending 12/14/2015
Bar 96 Bar 96 96 Rainey St Approved 1/14/2016
Best Lil Big Fest In Texas Tiniest Bar in Texas 817 W 5th St Approved 1/13/2016
Bike Texas / Lazarus Brewing Bike Texas 1902 East 6th St Internet Pending 1/27/2016
Billy Reid Shindig Weather Up 1808 E CESAR CHAVEZ ST Approved 1/6/2016
Blu Party ATX Moonfire Lounge 310 Colorado St., Suite B Approved 2/1/2016
Brazos Hall- Anheuser Busch Brazos Hall 204 E 4th St Approved 12/29/2015
Break Away From The Pack Pet Relocation 1121 E 7th St Internet Pending 1/29/2016
Brooklyn Country Cantina at Licha’s Cantina Licha’s Cantina 1306 E. 6th St Approved 1/28/2016
Brush Square Park SXSW 2016 Brush Square Park 409 E 5th St Approved 11/5/2015
Cafe Bustelo BackSpace 507 San Jacinto Blvd Approved 2/4/2016
Capital One Antones Nightclub 305 E 5th St Pending 1/25/2016
Casa de Mexico Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center 600 River St Approved 12/10/2015
Casper Nap Tour LAZ Parking Lot 405 Colorado Approved 1/29/2016
Cheer Up Charlies Cheer Up Charlies 900 Red River Approved 1/20/2016
Circuit of the Americas Downtown Paddock 304 E Cesar Chavez Internet Pending 1/21/2016
Clive Clive Bar 609 Davis st Approved 1/14/2016
Comedy Central Presents Kegs and Eggs Pelon’s 802 Red River St Approved 1/15/2016
Container Container Bar 90 Rainey st Approved 1/14/2016
Criquet Party Criquet Shirts 1603 S. 1st In Review 1/26/2016
Denied:After Cutoff 101 San Jacinto 101 San Jacinto 101 San Jacinto Denied: After Cutoff 2/10/2016
Denied:After Cutoff Capital Live Entertainment Event 318 E 5th St Denied: After Cutoff 2/5/2016
Denied:After Cutoff Cojones Award Ceremony Swifts Attic 315 Congress Ave Denied: After Cutoff 2/10/2016
Denied:After Cutoff Project Lasso The Pershing House 2415 East 5th St Denied: After Cutoff 2/5/2016
Denied:After Cutoff Samsung Outpost 1 1109 E 6th St Denied: After Cutoff 2/5/2016
Denied:After Cutoff Samsung Outpost 2 Qui Restuarant 1600 E 6th St Denied: After Cutoff 2/5/2016
Denied:After Cutoff Samsung Outpost 3 South Congress Hotel 1603 S Congress Hotel Denied: After Cutoff 2/5/2016
Denied:After Cutoff Samsung Outpost 4 Laz Parkin Lot 100 San Jacinto Blvd Denied: After Cutoff 2/5/2016
Denied:After Cutoff Samsung Outpost 5 315 E 6th St Denied: After Cutoff 2/5/2016
Doc’s MotorWorks Day Time Jam Doc’s MotorWorks Bar and Grill 1123 S Congress Approved 11/5/2015
Empire SXSW 2016 Empire Control Room and Garage 606 E 7th St Approved 9/18/2015
Encore Records SXSW 510 Brushy St Approved 1/13/2016
Engagement Lounge Terrace
Fader Fort Pine Street Station 1101 5th St In Review 1/26/2016
Fado Irish Pub’s St Patrick’s Day Fest Fado Irish Pub Pending 10/7/2015
Fast Company SXSW Cedar Door 201 Brazos Internet Pending 2/4/2016
Flood Presents Beat Weather Up 1808 E. Cesar Chavez St Withdrawn 1/28/2016
Friskies Mashup House Caffe Medici 200 N Congress Ave Approved 1/18/2016
Front Gate’s 10th Annual Morning After Party Front Gate Tickets 1711 S Congress Approved 1/25/2016
Funny or Die SXSW Event The Historic Scoot Inn 1308 E 4th St In Review 12/29/2015
FWDltd Vuka 411 W Monroe St Internet Pending 12/14/2015
Galvanize Galvanize Austin 118 Nueces Street Internet Pending 12/11/2015
Gatorade- Inside Brazos Hall Brazos Hall 204 E 4th St Approved 12/31/2015
Gibson Latin party Gibson Guitar Showroom 3601 S. Congress Ave. Ste. G400 Internet Pending 2/3/2016
Google Fiber Google Fiber Space 201 Colorado St Approved 1/26/2016
Google SXSW Events Google Fiber Space 201 Colorado St Approved 1/29/2016
GSD&M Parties GSD&M 828 West St, 605 Wood st, 615 Wood Street Internet Pending 2/4/2016
HBO Game of Thrones Antone’s 213 West 5th St Approved 1/12/2016
Heart Of Texas Music Festival Laz Parking Lot 409 E 7th St Approved 10/20/2015
Hotel Vegas Hotel Vegas 1500 E. 6th St Approved 1/14/2016
Hype Hotel Fair Market 1100 E 5th St Approved 11/4/2015
IBM Cognitive Studio Vince Young Steakhouse 301 San Jacinto Blvd Approved 1/28/2016
Innovation Station Presents Innovation Station 1409 W 3rd St Internet Pending 2/3/2016
Kebab Fest 2016 Kebabalicious 1311 E 7th St Internet Pending 1/28/2016
Kendra Scott Roadshow Experience 84 Rainey Street Approved 1/13/2016
Lazy Lizard Lazy Lizard 1504 E 6th St Approved 1/15/2016
Legendary Saloon Bangers 81.5 Rainey St Approved 1/27/2016
Live from Innovation Station Innovation Station 1409 W 3rd St Internet Pending 2/4/2016
Live Nation Alex Kenny 522 E 6th St Approved 1/21/2016
Lustre Pearl Lustre Pearl 94 Rainey St Approved 1/14/2016
Macnas 6th Sabine- San Jacinto Approved 1/13/2016
Mash Bash The Main 610 E 6th St Approved 1/21/2016
Mashable House The Main 610 E 6th St Approved 1/21/2016
Mazda Express at SXSW 313 E 7th St Internet Pending 2/5/2016
McDonalds official activation Textile 310 E. 3rd Street Approved 1/13/2016
Mexican American Experience 2016 ESB Mexican American Cultural Center 600 River St Approved 11/6/2015
Monster Energy Outbreak House Old Antone’s on 5th St 213 W 5th St Approved 1/20/2016
Mouth By Mouthwest Authentic Smiles 211 San Antonio St Approved 1/19/2016
Mr. Robot 400 Congress Approved 1/4/2016
mtvU Woodie Awards 2016 Austin American Statesman 305 South Congress Ave Approved 1/11/2016
Music By The Slice Home Slice 1415 S Congress Ave Approved 12/23/2015
Music During Week of SXSW Cherrywood Coffee House 1400 E 381/2 St Approved 1/8/2016
Music Madness ATX Aussie’s Grill and Beach Bar 306 Barton Springs Rd. Approved 1/6/2016
Nerds Rock uShip HQ 205 Brazos St Approved 8/31/2015
Nordic Light House Waller Creek Boathouse 74 Trinity St Approved 1/14/2016
P&W On Congress Avenue P&W on Congress Ave 1511 S Congress Avenue Approved 12/10/2015
Pan Americana Festival Emma Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center 600 River St Approved 7/22/2015
Pandora 710-718 E 6th St Approved 2/2/2016
Pandora SXSW 2016 The Gatsby 708 E 6th St Approved 9/18/2015
Penn Field Open House (Private Party) Penn Field 3601 S Congress Approved 1/25/2016
Power Puff Girls Premiere Parade Long Center for the Arts and Palmer Center 701 W Riverside Dr Approved 12/23/2015
Private Dinner Cocktail Parties @ Justine’s Secret House 1303 East 7th St Approved 1/22/2016
Private Event 901 East 901 East 901 East 6th St Denied 1/13/2016
Quonset Hut Hootenanny Quonset Hut 1206 W 4th St Approved 1/29/2016
Quonset Hut Underground Quonset Hut 1206 W 4th St Approved 1/29/2016
Rachael Ray’s Feedback House 1102 EAST 1102 E. Cesar Chavez Approved 1/25/2016
Real Art official SXSW activation 307 E 2nd St Approved 1/7/2016
Red Velvet Events Vuka 411 W Monroe St Internet Pending 12/14/2015
Refinery 29 The School of Self Expression Mexic-Arte Museum 419 Congress Ave Approved 1/21/2016
Retail Innovation Lounge EyeQ Insights Office 201 E. 5th Street, Suite 108 Approved 1/13/2016
RideScout SXSW Reception RideScout Office 200 E 6th St Approved 1/20/2016
Rustic Tap The Original Hoffbrau Steakhouse 613 W 6th St Internet Pending 1/25/2016
Rvip Charging Station 1511 S Congress Internet Pending 2/5/2016
Sabine Hospitality Daywood Realtors Parking Lot 600 Sabine Street Approved 1/15/2016
Samsung Event Micheladas 333 E 2nd St Approved 1/8/2016
Samsung Event SXSW 16 location 2 Old Post Office 510 Guadalupe St Approved 1/8/2016
SEDO Village Downtown Burgers 503 E Cesar Chavez In Review 1/21/2016
Sony PCL Future Lab Parking Lot 314 E Ceasar Chavez Approved 1/25/2016
SouthBites Food Trailer Court 604 Driskill St Approved 1/7/2016
Space 24 Twenty Spring Event Space 24 Twenty 2420 Guadalupe Approved 1/12/2016
Spinlister X Cyleast Cyclist 1619 E Cesar Chavez St Approved 10/6/2015
Spotify House Nuevo Leon 1501 E. Sixth St Approved 11/25/2015
Spredfast at SXSW 2016 Spredfast 200 West Cesar Chavez St Approved 1/6/2016
Spurs Yellow Jacket Social Club 1704 East 5th Withdrawn 1/14/2016
St Patricks Day Party 2016 Opal Divine Marina 12709 N Mopac Expwy Approved 1/21/2016
StubHub at Banger’s Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden 79 & 81 Rainey St In Review 1/18/2016
SXSJ Hotel San Jose 1316 S Congress Ave Internet Pending 2/5/2016
SXSW 2016 – Outdoor Stage concert Series Auditorium Shores 800 W Riverside Dr Approved 5/18/2015
SXSW 2016 Fifth Street 318 East Fifth St. Internet Pending 6/10/2015
SXSW Activation 717 Red River 717 Red River Lot 717 Red RIver- 8th Red River Internet Pending 2/2/2016
SXSW at Gilfillan House Gilfillan House 603 West 8th St Approved 1/21/2016
SXSW at Wonderland Wonderland 1104 East 6th St Internet Pending 2/1/2016
SXSW Crossroads 511 E. Cesar Chavez Internet Pending 2/2/2016
SXSW Events zach theatre 202 S Lamar Approved 2/5/2016
SXSW Girls Lounge 98 Red River St. Internet Pending 1/28/2016
SXSW Interactive Opening Party Mellow Johnny’s 400 Nueces St Approved 12/4/2015
SXSW Music Showcases St Davids Espiscopal Church 301 E 8th St Internet Pending 2/4/2016
SXSW Outdoor Film Screenings The Long Center Terrace and Lawn 701 W. Riverside Dr Approved 1/13/2016
SXSW Parties and Showcases The Main and The Main II 610 E 6th St Approved 2/2/2016
Techstars Coworking & VIP Lounge Techstars 412 Congress Ave #200 Internet Pending 2/3/2016
Ten-X Launch Party 79 Rainey St Approved 1/21/2016
Tequila Mockingbird BBQ/Music Tequila Mockingbird 306 W 16th st Internet Pending 2/3/2016
Texas Coffee Traders Showcase Texas Coffee Traders 1400 E 4th St Approved 1/28/2016
Texas Mist Metal Fest Texas Mist 1115 Old Bastrop Hwy Internet Pending 1/29/2016
The Belmont Belmont Austin 305 W 6th St Approved 9/18/2015
The Grackle The Grackle 1700 E 6Th St Approved 1/15/2016
The Illmore Saengerrunde Hall 1607 San Jacinto Blvd. Approved 1/28/2016
The Lost Well The Lost Well 2421 Webberville Rd Approved 1/25/2016
The Yard 2016 Good Life Food Park 902 East Cesar Chavez St Approved 1/12/2016
Thicket sxsw Thicket 7800 S 1st St Approved 1/26/2016
UK Great House Wanderlust Yoga 206 E. 4th St. Approved 1/26/2016
Universal Music Group JW Marriott pool deck 110 E. 2nd St Approved 1/15/2016
Unofficial SXSW Showcase HANDSOME Building 1000 e 6th st Internet Pending 1/29/2016
Vagabond Vintage Clothing Sale East End Vine Bar 1209 Rosewood Ave Approved 2/5/2016
Van Suite Doyle House 1101 Red River St Approved 1/8/2016
Vevo SXSW Pelons Tex Mex 802 Red River St In Review 1/21/2016
Visa Activation 2016 Companion, Brew and Brew, Red Bird Pilates 500 San Marcos St Approved 11/30/2015
Washington DC Economic Partnership SXSW Activation CRAVE 340 E. 2nd St Approved 12/9/2015
Waterloo Records Day Parties Waterloo Records 600 N. Lamar Approved 9/22/2015
Wells Fargo Together Experience Wells Fargo Bank 111 Congress Ave Internet Pending 1/25/2016
Withdrawn* Marketo JW Marriott Congress 110 E. 2nd St Withdrawn 1/8/2016
Withdrawn* Move The Future (Sony Japan activation) 314 E. 1st St. Withdrawn 1/8/2016
Withdrawn*DJI Drone Demo Party Palm Park 711 E 3rd St Withdrawn 1/21/2016
Withdrawn*Funny or Die Junction Parade Withdrawn 10/8/2015
WITHDRAWN*The Fader Fort Pine Street Station 1101 E. 5th St. Withdrawn 1/14/2016
Woodland Creatures Backyard Party Full Circle Bar 1810 E 12th St, Internet Pending 2/5/2016
Yard Dog Parties Yard Dog Gallery 1510 S Congress Ave Pending 9/8/2015
Yellow Jacket Social Club Yellow Jacket Social Club 1704 E 5th St Approved 11/17/2015
Yeti Spring Event – DENIED BY AFD 220 S Congress Denied 1/25/2016
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