Local biotech company TeVido raising funds for breast cancer research

AUSTIN (KXAN) —  Local biotech company TeVido Biodevices is raising money through crowdfunding campaigns. The Georgetown-based company combines the technology of 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering to literally print a woman’s cells for custom breast reconstruction. Just two months ago, TeVido Biodevices came in second place at LIVESTRONG’s “Big C” competition, winning over $17,000. That prize money — combined with several other federal grants — brings TeVido’s total funds raised to just under $1 million.

“We’ve just started moving into our own facilities,” said CEO and co-founder Laura Bosworth. “We’re buying equipment, and we’re buying supplies so we can do cell cultures and begin building out our capabilities here.”

Within the next few months, TeVido aims to have a functioning 3D bioprinter in its labs — and a complete, final product.

“We are at the early prototype stage right now, and our goal is to move from that prototype stage to a final product so we can go to clinical trials,” said Chief Technology Officer Scott Collins.

Until then, TeVido is still raising funds to keep its research going. The next step is to raise $35,000 by the end of January to help cover patent costs.

“For a biotech company or any start-up, patents are critical because that’s what protects your ideas and ultimately gives you the right to manufacture and sell those products,” said Bosworth. “And so, without a patent, you don’t have a business.”

TeVido’s goal is to create a permanent solution for women, because according to its research, the current breast reconstruction process typically flattens after a number of years.

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