Hill Country braces for icy roads as winter weather rolls in

JOHNSON CITY, Texas (KXAN) — Temperatures hovered near freezing for much of the day Friday in Johnson City, and it’s only going to get colder overnight. Among the biggest concerns are bridges and overpasses icing over. As the cold snap moves through, the Texas Department of Transportation and local towing companies say they are ready.

“All fluids checked, winch lines are straight and even, hydraulics working, not leaking,” Curtis Kasper said, running through his checklist to make sure his tow truck was ready to go. “Everything’s ready to roll, we’ll just see what happens tonight.”
Kasper says he has seen it all, and when it comes to icy roads, there are the usual suspects.
“There’s many, many roads out here, these back roads that people will get on and they don’t see it because it’s black ice. They’re going to hit the corners and they’re not going to know what to do,” he said.
Burnet Towing spent the past two days preparing their crew.
“Our mechanics are on standby, my guys are on standby and I’m here ready to go,” Kasper added.
TxDOT is also on the ready, making similar arrangements. The department adjusted schedules for their workers so when moisture forms, the deicing crews will be ready to roll.
While TXDOT monitors the region, Kasper monitors his hundred mile service area and knows this storms impacts stretch beyond tonight.

Temperatures in the Hill Country are expected to drop into the 20s overnight.

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