Wendy Davis not done with Texas politics

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis presents her new education policy during a stop at Palo Alto College, Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014, in San Antonio. Davis, lagging behind in both polling and campaign finances, spent about $4 million in August to attack Republican opponent Greg Abbott on television.
Former Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis . (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Wendy Davis is not ruling out running for public office again.

In her first interview since losing a bid for Texas governor, Davis told the San Antonio Express-News that she “probably” will be a candidate in the future, though she did not specify which office she might seek.

“I can’t imagine completely leaving the area,” Davis said, according to the Express-News. “It’s who I am.”

Leaders and analysts in both major parties told KXAN this news was not surprising.

“I know Wendy cares deeply about Texas and believes in public service,” said Matt Angle, director of the Lone Star Project. “She’s smart, tough as can be and not easily discouraged.”

“Though originally running as a moderate candidate for ‘all Texans,’ Sen. Davis is now showing her true colors, even walking back her prior support for open carry,” said Andy Hogue of the Travis County Republican Party. “If Ms. Davis decides to run statewide again, she risks losing by an even greater margin as she steps further to the left of the Texas mainstream.”

Republican Konni Burton won Davis’ Texas Senate seat after she ran for governor instead of re-election. The state’s next legislative session will begin in a few weeks, when lawmakers will likely consider the open carry of handguns.

Republican Gov.-elect Greg Abbott has said – if an open-carry bill lands on his desk – he would sign it into law. Right now, Texas only allows people to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun.

Davis – who publicly supported open carry during her gubernatorial campaign – said she had regrets about her position on the issue, because it “strayed” from her actual view, according to the Express News.

In the last legislative session, Davis supported legislation to allow college students with concealed handgun licenses to keep weapons in their cars. Many Democrats disagreed with those stances.

However – as a Fort Worth City Council member – she supported gun show background checks, and – as a Senator – she opposed allowing guns on college campuses outright.

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