Austin man trying to put an end to package thieves

AUSTIN (KXAN) — It’s the season of giving, but for thieves, it’s the time of year for taking.

“My stepfather called me up and told me he sent a package from Hawaii, but I never received it,” said Miguel Roman. “He said he sent it about three weeks ago.”

Roman and his wife live in the Allendale neighborhood in north Austin, which they say is typically a very safe neighborhood. However that day, they realized multiple packages were long gone. Roman channeled his anger into action.

“I wanted to figure out a solution to the problem and if they were stolen, I wanted to figure out who stole them. So I decided to go on Amazon again, and purchase a camera.”

Roman purchased a Dropcam. The camera is able to pick up motion on his front porch, notifying him if there is movement. He gets text alerts, and can also watch the feed live on his phone from wherever he is.

His investment paid off. Two nights in a row, Ramon caught two different men on his porch.

“They both seem to have the same scam. They go to doors at 4 in the morning carrying pretend delivery newspapers, and they look at your packages. If they don’t find anything they like, they walk away,” said Ramon. “Who says they can’t come in your house and do the same thing?”

He hopes the camera serves as warning, keeping thieves far away from his home.

If you are missing a package, call 311.

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