5 Ways to Shop Green

Kelly Rath with Wanderland Gifts dropped by our studio on Friday to share some eco-friendly gift options. Because there’s no pre-set standard for being an environmentally-conscious product, Kelly broke down 5 things to look for when shopping for green gifts. The first is production process. Does the manufacturer use eco-friendly materials and power sources in producing the item. The second is to look for hand made productsthat reduce the negative effects of production such as waste that you’ll often find with mass produced items. The third thing to search out are products made from organic or responsibly harvested materials, or to look for recycled/reused materials (the 4th point). The 5th thing to be aware of is a product that promotes a healthy/green lifestyle such as reusable water bottles or a 5 minute shower timer. By shopping responsibly, you can make a great impact on our environment!

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