Austin ministry works for homeless over Christmas

AUSTIN (KXAN) – We want our area’s helpless and homeless to be cared for over the holidays. Many of them have no family, and no where to go.

Caster makes money performing on the street. When his guitar’s neck broke, Jason Everman, opened his book and started the search.

“Within three days I had an answer. Someone said ‘I have a simple Yamaha acoustic guitar if you think that will work.’ I said ‘I think that will work,” said Everman.

Jason and his wife Vanessa’s little prayer books are full.

“We write people’s names, what they need, who they want to pray for,” said Everman.

The list of things to fight homelessness is long and heavy. But this Christmas, the Lost and Found Ministry came prepared.

“We just have water, rolls and some cookies. We have some meals with ham, mac and cheese, and green beens,” said Deborah Hart from Lost and Found Ministry.

And not just food, but also deodorant, wet wipes, and most importantly – socks

“It’s like gold for them,” said Hart.

The group usually comes out every Monday, but with a donation of food and supplies, why not Christmas too. For people like cancer survivor Joseph Nichols, who hiked to Austin to find work, these are a few things he doesn’t have to struggle for.

“What these guys do here, in more than one case has been all I had to eat that day. It’s life sustaining,” said Nichols.

Jason and Lost and Found say they’re spreading god’s love.

“They’re not throw-aways. They’re not bottom of the barrel. They’re not cast away. They are human with a story. Somehow they got here and we just come down and try to figure it out like any friend,” said Everman.

When the rest of Austin rests inside with friends and family, they’re in the street, doing the same thing.

Lost and Found Ministry says they have a lengthy list of what can help. You can get in touch on their facebook page.

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