Meals on Wheels delivers special Christmas dinner

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Meals on Wheels delivers food throughout the year to people who cannot leave their houses, and others in need. This Christmas, they delivered an extra special dinner. Employees were up before the sun came up, preparing meals, each packed with all the Christmas staples.

“Why do I do it everyday?” said head chef Ruben Burnett. “To make a difference. I believe we do make a difference each and every day.”

“We’re doing about 400-500 meals today, to folks that have no one to see,” said Dan Pruett, President and CEO of the organization. “So it takes a team.”

“A couple of them haven’t seen someone in two to three days,” said employee Lester Tobias. “They’re happy to see someone, especially with a Christmas meal.”

Dozens of people volunteered on Christmas day. Year-round it takes about 7,000 volunteers to keep the organization running.

“There was a bumper sticker I saw one time, it said: ‘Get rich quick, count your blessings.’ And I think that’s what this does,” said Kelley, a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

She and her husband Mario delivered to nine homes on Christmas day.

“It made me feel good,” said meal recipient, Tommy Davis. “Somebody taking their time, on Christmas, to bring me something. Really makes me feel good.”

“Very grateful,” said Mario. “Not only for the food, but for the companionship, that somebody cares about them.”

The nonprofit provides 3,500 meals to people in the city each weekday. Most of those people are over the age of 65, and half of them live alone.

To learn how you can donate or volunteer, visit the Meals on Wheels and More website.

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