Check your baby gifts for possible recalled items

AUSTIN (KXAN) — For new parents and expecting mothers, the holidays can bring tons of new gifts for your young ones.  There are countless items making it on recall lists year after year and they could be sitting underneath your tree.

Janae Dunn, a baby gear expert who consults expecting mothers on product safety, said popular recalled items this year include strollers and sliding hinges.

“There’s a certain new type of hinge that all strollers are required to have.  the sliding hinge that slide up were causing babies to get their fingers stuck and now they’re required to be a little more rounded so that they dont get stuck,” said Dunn, owner and President of Stork Maternity Consulting. “The first thing I tell my clients to do is.. with every item that they buy, they’re going to get something that looks like this, and it’s a recall registration card and they send that in immediately and they never have to worry.”

Janae says if that product does get recalled, manufacturers will typically send in something to fix the problem.  She also recommends that new parents schedule an appointment to see an expert, whether it’s taking a class or hiring a consultant.

For simple things like car seat installations, make sure to read the owner’s manual.  Dunn said parents often forget that infants always face backwards.

“Preparation during pregnancy or before the baby is born in honestly the best way,” said Dunn.

To look at a list of recalled items click here for the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


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