Many options available to comply with hands-free ordinance

Austin police plan hands-free sting, start ticketing drivers

Austin (KXAN)- Think of it as a city-wide New Year’s Resolution. Austin goes hands-free in 2015. And if you break this resolution you could wind up with a $500 fine.

Even before the new year, Best Buy employees are answering questions about going hands free.

Remember, under these new rules, you’re not even allowed to pick up your phone to end a call or dial.

Employees are suggesting headsets as one option. Another would be exploring your built-in Bluetooth capabilities. And if you don’t already have Bluetooth, there’s a kit you can have installed in your car to have your phone calls pumped through your stereo.

What will work for you depends on what you have: the kind of car stereo, phone and what you prefer.

And, with fancy things like Siri or Google Now, what you have might already work fine.

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