Elderly couple attacked in Northeast Austin shopping center

AUSTIN (KXAN) An elderly couple attacked in a Northeast shopping center believes they were targeted because of their age. It happened in the parking lot of the Capital Plaza shopping center just off of Interstate 35. Two men, Senecca Ratcliff and Aaron Lewis are in the Travis County Jail charged with aggravated robbery. KXAN sat down with the couple who talked about their terrifying experience.

91 year old Loraine Bayh just wanted to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping.

Loraine says, “My husband was the last one on my list for Christmas.”

Loraine and her husband Bill headed to Shepler’s Western Wear in the Capital Plaza to find something he wanted. But when they got out of the car and started walking toward the store…

Loraine says, “All of a sudden Bill hits the pavement and I began to see stars not knowing what happened to me.”

The victims say they parked here in one of these handicapped spaces just outside Shepler’s. It was seconds after they say they were knocked to the ground.”

Loraine says, “When I woke up I was on the pavement and of course my purse was gone. He took my social security card and about $100 of money.”

Loraine says one of the suspects pushed her husband to the ground then hit her over the head knocking her unconscious. Investigators say a witness took pictures of both suspects and the license plate on the getaway car and that’s what helped police catch them.

Loraine adds, “We were blessed with our life but how do we put it back together.”

In the meantime she says she’s extra thankful this Christmas, looking forward to spending time with her family more than ever.

Ratcliff and Lewis are being held on a $75,000 bond. Both have past criminal charges including several theft charges and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

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