2-alarm apartment fire pushes 30 from their homes

Phil Prazan/KXAN

Austin (KXAN)- Austin fire fighters say unattended cooking is to blame for a 2-alarm fire in northeast Austin.

It happened in building 17 of the Capitol Village Apartments at 6855 E Us 290 Hwy Svrd eastbound. AFD got the call at 1:47p.m. Wednesday.

Eight trucks were called for the fire which was in a second-floor apartment.

People who lived in the Capitol Village Apartments along 290, started their Christmas Eve getting rushed out of their homes.

“I cried. I’m praying to god that everything’s ok. I was just about to start cooking for Christmas tomorrow,” said Ashley Hill.
She was forced to wait outside and watch the apartment above her home burn up. She thought about the important paper, mementos, and Christmas presents for her three young daughters. All still inside, possibly burnt to a crisp.

“Oh yea, very shaken up. I had to calm myself down to get to calm down as well,” said Hill.

Around 30 neighbors could do nothing but hope firefighters stopped the flames before they spread to other apartments.
As the eight engines pulled away, the fire put out, neighbors could re-enter.

“Ugh, this is not what I wanted to deal with during Christmas at all,” said Hill. Fearing the worst, she came inside relieved.

The presents were safe. The apartment had no fire damage. Only a little bit of water to wipe up and dirt to sweep away. The kids will still be happy.

“It’s good for them to know to be thankful, for what you have because in a matter of seconds, you can not have anything like my neighbors,” said Hill.

Thirty people in the building were evacuated while the fire was contained. One person is displaced from their home. The Red Cross is assisting them until they are allowed to re-enter their homes.

The damage estimate was $200,000 to the structure and $25,000 to the contents.

Fire officials tell us that unattended cooking is the number one cause of fires in the city.

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