Website tracks every bond election in Texas

Bond site

AUSTIN (KXAN) — When voters head to the ballot box in November, they won’t just be selecting state and local leaders. They’ll also have to decide whether their local government should take on debt to fund big projects.

From roads to schools, communities place bond referendums on the ballot to tackle issues that wouldn’t have enough funding in any given year. But details are not always clear. How much debt will the community take on? How much does the community have already?

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Susan Combs launched a new Web page tracking every bond measure in the state. Her office admits they don’t have a complete list yet, but they will keep adding to it. At the latest tally, if all of the bond items pass, the money will add up to nearly $6 billion.

The City of Austin, for example, plans to put a $600M bond on the ballot to build an urban rail line from Highland Mall to Southeast Austin. That would add on to the $1.2 billion of tax-supported debt Austin already has.

People who live in the Austin Community College district, which stretches across six counties, will vote on two bonds that add up to $385,970,000. You can follow all of the bonds online.

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