Dog swallows 43 1/2 socks of all colors and sizes

(CNN/KGW/DOVE-LEWIS ANIMAL HOSPITAL) — Ever wonder what happens to all of your missing socks? Well, you might want to check your pet.

A Portland-area family found their missing socks inside their Great Dane’s stomach — all 43 of them. Well, actually 43 1/2, of all colors and sizes.

The disgusting discovery was made after the 3-year-old Great Dane started vomiting repeatedly. His owners rushed him to Dove-Lewis Animal Hospital, where he had surgery.

He made it through the surgery fine and went home healthy a day later.

Meanwhile, the animal hospital’s X-ray won second place in “Veterinary News'” annual “They ate what?” contest. Dove-Lewis will use its $500 prize to help cover vet bills for patients who need extra help.

Vets say the Great Dane has been doing great since his surgery and have seen him for checkups. So far, there have been no more sock-removing surgeries.

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