15-year-old is third-year junior at UC Berkeley

BERKELEY, Calf. (CNN/KPIX) — A young teenager in California has managed to skip high school and go right into his third year of college. Sage Ryan, who just recently turned 15, is a junior transfer student at University of California, Berkeley.

He says he realized early on that traditional school wasn’t for him. So, starting at the age of 11, his mom — who is a math teacher — signed him up for community college classes; ones that didn’t have age requirements. That led to University of California, Los Angeles extension classes, and he got enough credits to transfer as a junior to UC Berkeley.

He’s defending his path, saying he did not “cheat” the system.

“Legally, I was home-schooled — according to the government — I was a home-school person, but I was taking classes at West L.A. College on campus and online at Citrus College,” said Ryan. “Hacked is the word that my mom likes to use when I was little. It’s not cheating the system. It’s looping the system in a way that avoids all the stuff that does not need to be put in education.”

In case you were wondering, Ryan is majoring in theater.

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