Teen catching trout from sewer drains

Teen catching trout from sewer drains   KXAN.com

KATY, Texas (KXAN) – A Texas teen is reeling in some big catches right from the sidewalk! He says he’s caught hundreds of fish by dropping as line in a storm drain.

Kyle Naegeli is the self-proclaimed Fish Whisperer. He’s posted dozens of videos on YouTube as he catches fish right from the storm drain outside his house.

Kyle tells KXAN the odd hobby started 4 years ago over a bet with his dad. He dropped a line in drain and pulled out a bluegill – so dad owed him $.
Since then he says he caught hundreds of fish – the biggest, a 3 pound catfish. Kyle guesses the fish swim up the storm drain from a pond about 75 yards away.

Some of the videos have more than a hundred thousand views on YouTube.

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