Summer reading at Sonic speed is a blast


AUSTIN (KXAN) — Schools often assign books for students to read during the summer – the ever-dreaded summer-reading lists – especially for those college-prep or advanced placement courses. Digiday shared how Sonic decided to pitch in.

The fast-food drive-in chain posted on Facebook: “Long summer reading list? Didn’t start it? Give us a book and we’ll give you a summary in 10 words or less. You’re welcome.”

All in all, these recaps are amazing. Simple enough.

Here’s a list of a classic few – as well as some not-so-classic options:

  • “Hamlet:” “Wants revenge for his father’s death, goes a little overboard.”
  • “The Giver:” “Jonas turns 12, discovers there’s more to life than safety.”
  • “Lord of the Flies:” “Buncha kids + island. Not as fun as it sounds.”
  • “To Kill A Mockingbird:” “People are only scared of what they don’t understand.
  • “Gone With the Wind:” “Civil War south, riches to rags to riches. Lotsa marriages.
  • “War and Peace:” “Russia. Definitely more war than peace.
  • “Great Expectations:” “Expections =/= reality. Sometimes that’s great, sometimes it’s not. London.”
  • “A Clockwork Orange:” “Futuristic totalitarian society. Violence, violence, violence.
  • “Metamorphosis:” “Man turns into bug, becomes big burden to family.”
  • “Dracula:” “If you think someone’s a vampire, don’t secondguess. Just run.”
  • “Pet Cemetery:” “Creepy. Where you’re buried matters a lot, apparently.
  • “Nineteen Eighty-Four:” “Big Brother is watching. And hates people falling in love.”
  • “The Law of Nines:” “Math and magic disguised in paintings.
  • “Runner:” “Bills to pay = frying pan, sketchy job = fire.
  • “50 Shades of Grey:” “Nice try. There’s no way you’re reading that for school.”



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