Low lake levels can’t stop Labor Day fun

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Low lake levels are considered “the new norm” according to a worker at Just for Fun Watercraft rentals. And since many are resigned to the low water, Just for Fun was still sold out all Labor Day weekend thanks to renters who refuse to the levels ruin their holiday.

“We just want to enjoy the Texas weather, clear sky, and clear water,” said Ally Abidin.

The LCRA measured Lake Travis at just 35% full on Monday and stage 3 water restrictions will take effect if it deeps 30% or lower. But plenty of jet skis and boats were zipping around at Emerald Point Marina and Just for Fun was offering its array of options.

“We have rented a party barge and we are going to enjoy the sun and water,” said James Monfries.

This year’s Labor Day lake levels are actually three feet higher than last year’s average, but 2013-2014 will likely bring the lowest levels in back-to-back years since 1963-64.

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