Shaun the sheep gets sheared and sheds 52 pounds of wool

MIDLANDS, Australia (NBC/AUBC VIA APTN) — A sheep in Australia isn’t the world’s wooliest after all. Shaun the Sheep was recently found hiding on a farm on the island state of Tasmania and appeared to have never been sheared.

Well, the sheep was finally sheared Thursday, but the weight of his fleece fell short of the record for world’s woolliest. Shaun’s new owners had hoped the weight of Shaun’s fleece would beat the record held by a now-deceased New Zealand sheep named Shrek, who had a whopping 60 pounds of wool shorn off his body.

Shaun’s fleece weighed in at only 52 pounds.

“It would have been nice to have it [the record], but the most important thing is that he’s got the fleece off and now we can concentrate on making sure that he’s well and survives it,” said farmer Netty Hazel.

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