Superhero Mr. Full Moon fights grime in the streets

TOKYO (NBC/RTV) — Most superheroes fight crime, but for one Japanese superhero, fighting grime in the streets of Tokyo is his mission. Meet Mr. Full Moon. He first appeared on the streets of Tokyo last year, without any publicity or fanfare.

He has been regularly cleaning around Tokyo’s Nihonbashi business district ever since. His super weapons are a broom, a dust pan and an army of volunteers who have joined his mission. Though he started alone, he soon became a local celebrity.

He has kept his identity a secret and refuses to speak on camera in case someone recognizes his voice. Instead, he speaks through a smartphone’s automatic dictation software.

Mr. Full Moon says that his mission isn’t just about cleaning. It’s about keeping one’s heart clean as well. Mr. Full Moon says he will continue to keep the streets of Tokyo clean, one sweep at a time.

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