New York building demolition is colorful fireworks implosion

ALBANY, N.Y. (NBC/WNYT) — Building implosions are always fascinating to watch, but one demolition company in New York put on a show that looked more like a Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza. The crew spent three weeks planting explosives in the old 11-story hotel building in Downtown Albany.

The demolition on Saturday began with fireworks off the roof, signaling that the implosion was about to begin. It was then followed by a series of charges along the side of the building that created clouds of red, blue and yellow smoke — forming the shape of the initials “J” and “J” for the name of the demolition company.

And then, the rest of the explosives were detonated — setting off bursts of fire and different colors of smoke. Finally, the building came crashing down almost a minute later.

The rubble will be cleared to make way for Albany’s new $66 million convention center.

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