Friday night frenzy is back, players fight the heat

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Friday night football is upon us once again, with St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School kicking off the first game. They were fired up to take on the other team, but were also up against another opponent, the heat.

“Especially on turf and especially in Texas, it is really bad,” said Gaby Boddwig, an athletic trainer for Medicine in Motion.

Players prep for the whole week, staying hydrated, eating right and stretching on game day.

“A lot of times in game situation, it’s not on their mind,” said Head Coach Joe Gutilla. “It’s the eventual wearing down on the system and body, you’ll start to notice it in third quarter.”

Athletic trainers and EMS are on standby during the game, and hope they won’t be needed.

“We’re there if anything happens,” said Boddwig, “We’re the first responders.”

Boddwig says the first sign of being dehydrated is simply being thirsty. She encourages players and fans to stay hydrated for the hot games this season.

A new season of KXAN Gamenight gets underway next Friday night at 10. This is the place to get all your high school football scores and highlights.

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