Perry supporters rally at courthouse during booking

AUSTIN (KXAN) — As Texas Governor Rick Perry turned himself in at the Travis County Justice Complex Tuesday, dozens of people showed up to show support of him. Others, though greatly fewer in number, wanted to make it known they think he’s a criminal.

Supporters of the governor showed their confidence of his innocence and the weakness of the case against him.

“It’s a farce,” said John Wood. “It will just go away. It’s somebody’s 15 minutes of fantasy.”

Supporters carried signs and cheered. Opponents fired back.

“I’m just ashamed of my state and what the governor has done,” said Lola Estes. “I heard that there was going to be a support group here showing support for his actions, which I find highly illegal, and I wanted to make sure the other side was represented.”

Those in defense of Perry say he’s the victim of a democratic attack.

“They want him not to run for president, and this is a very handy vehicle,” said Wood. “I support him totally and his success, and I would like to see this state stay successful and not be bound up in political wrangling.”

But opponents like Estes say there is merit to the charges. “We’re not justifying what happened with the D.A. [Rosemary Lehmberg]. We’re just saying his response to her behavior was illegal.”

Now, both sides are waiting to see what happens next.

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