Malcolm Brown slims down in off season

Longhorn senior running back Malcolm Brown was a bruising force the last eight games of the 2013 season.  Brown rushed for 841 of his 904 yards in those eight games and ended leading the team in that category.  But Charlie Strong wanted a little less of Brown when he arrived in January and that’s exactly what happened. “I came back from break and I was a little big, I was pushing 230, I was pushing that last season, 228, 229, they wanted me to drop a little bit and I’m hitting 218, 219,” said Brown.  “That’s something I took to heart, I wanted to do that, they said it would make me a better player.”

Brown said the formula was pretty simple, eating things he didn’t want to.  “Salad, green stuff, stuff I don’t like,” said Brown.

Running backs coach Tommie Robinson wants a stable of backs to play, but right now Brown and Johnathan Gray figure to get the bulk of the work, especially with losses of Joe Bergeron and Jalen Overstreet, both dismissed from the team before training camp.  Texas is hoping that freshman Donald Catalon can work his way into the rotation.

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