Love hurts. Heavy locks endangering Paris structures

PARIS (NBC/APTN) — European officials are warning “love locks” on bridges endanger the structures. In Paris, officials said aging structures can no longer cope with thousands of heavy love locks that both Parisians and tourists place there every year. Instead, people are being asked to take hashtagged selfies to upload onto a website dedicated to enduring love.

With giant stickers in three languages on the Pont de l’Archeveche — French, English and Spanish — Paris began its “love without locks” campaign Wednesday. The tradition of lovers’ locks is dating back a decade or so. It has begun spreading elsewhere in Paris, including to the Eiffel Tower, and throughout Europe.

In Moscow, where the tradition has also taken hold in recent years, there isn’t yet concern over structural damage to bridges. On a Central Moscow bridge, known as the “Bridge of Love,” locks are placed on artificial trees. These trees get moved from time to time and replaced by new, empty trees.

On one of Rome’s bridges, locks are being placed on a light post instead.

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