Blind boy making big waves with his blues

QUEBEC CITY (NBC/CTV VIA APTN) — Meet a 10-year-old blind boy making waves as a blues musician in Canada.

Felix is from Quebec and was born blind, but he sings and plays blues guitar. And according to local media, he does it all by ear.

He first caught the public’s attention last week, when his impromptu performance at a summer camp for the blind went viral.

In the video, Felix played guitar and sang B.B. King’s “Every Day I Have the Blues.”

The camp director who filmed the performance said his friends loved the video on Facebook.

Canadian media reported that the video had more than 90,000 shares on Facebook by Tuesday.

Felix’s mother said her son was always fascinated by music as a baby.

When he turned 6, his parents bought him a guitar, and he did the rest.

The French-speaking boy taught himself to play all his favorite blues songs, even though they’re in English.

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